Friday, June 4, 2010

2 & 4 Well Visit

Today I had a combined pediatrician visit for the girls. One of the many benefits of their birthdays being so close together.

Both girls were given an A+ from the pediatrician. They are both growing and healthy and developmentally on track.

At almost 40 pounds and almost 40 inches, LP is ready for a booster seat.

Her little sister is a bit over 25 pounds and just shy of 34 inches tall.

AK weighs two pounds less than LP did at the same age and is an inch and a half taller. I thought AK was my petite flower. I am thrilled to think that both girls might actually have a chance at being taller than me.

They both can outsmart me already. We spent the day together and I am tired. We went grocery shopping, to the bank, to the doctor, to lunch with the Hoos, put together and played on a gimormous blow up pool and slide (all full of my own personal hot air), stopped by day care to pick stuff up, fed the animals and shopped at Stew's and went for a walk with the Sit n Stand. Now that I know I am pushing 65 pounds not including the stroller, I am counting today as a day in which I did exercise. I certainly exerted myself.

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