Tuesday, June 1, 2010


When I got married almost 8 years ago, I had the opportunity to show all of my family and friends - both existing and newly acquired through marriage - just how dang efficient I am.

We were married on a Saturday night and the Hoos started law school the following Monday; the honeymoon was obviously deferred. I took the Monday off and spent the day writing thank you notes. Tuesday I was back to work after a stop of the post office to buy lots and lots of stamps.

I know it seems a little OCD, but it is my nature. I figured all of these people took time out of their lives and dollars out of their wallets to help me and the Hoos celebrate a pretty momentous occasion, the least I could do was thank them in a timely fashion.

Sunday LP had her birthday celebration. She received lots and lots of gifts. Unfortunately no one gave us a bigger house in which to store them, but everyone was very generous.

After we got the girls to bed I drafted thank you notes. The only thing I did not do was sign LP's name.

I created a stack of notes with a blank space for her to write her name. Monday morning I attempted to get her to sign them.

First of all, LP was pissed. She wanted to write all of the notes. Good lord, that would have taken months. She actually did compose one note with me s-l-o-w-l-y spelling everything out and it took half an hour and exhausted us both.

I finally convinced her to write her name. The Hoos thought I was nuts and asking too much. "She is only four! She is your daughter, but...come on! That is a lot!"

I was insistent. "She is four! She knows how to write her name and has a great signature! And a really easy name to write!"

Our compromise was to get her to sign a few at a time. It is killing me that it will take a week at this rate to get the notes out. I know I am crazy. But do you think I am unreasonable to make her be accountable for at least part of her thank you notes?


Wenderina said...

Not unreasonable at all. Just remember Emily Post allows 12 months for that thank you note to be sent....at least for weddings.

A's Mom said...

Good Lord, how many cards do you need to do? If that's what she wants to do, then I say let her. Although I have to admit, I would probably only let LMA do a few and I do the rest.

Anonymous said...

Letter-writing appears to be a lost art nowadays. LP should absolutely be making a contribution! To make it more fun (for her, not for you!) why don't you have her choose a different color marker for each note that she writes? As for your comment on clutter, I know all about it. Which is exactly why ES gave LP a few new books that only need to be tossed on the shelf with all the others. Hope she enjoys them.

Anonymous said...

I got mine already and LD was thrilled to get mail!! Thanks and yes, very efficient. PS - I will most likely NOT get LDs out in such a timely fashion!

- DS