Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Heat is On

Poor little AK.

Sunday night we noticed she had a fever of 101.5. We gave her ibuprofen and put her to bed.

Monday morning she still had the fever. The Hoos spent the first half of his day caring for her (I had to go to work to unpack from the aforementioned office move) and I took over in the afternoon. I knew she wasn't feeling great because she actually took a two hour nap - unheard of at home.

We continued the ibuprofen/acetaminophen regimen and this morning - at 6! - she woke up with a dry cough and a very hot body. She is spending most of the day with the Hoos' mother and I am going ot pick her up after her nap to take her to the doctor.

My best guess is that it is an unspecified fever virus, since she doesn't really have any symptoms other than a fever (until the cough). Of course, now I am doubting myself and she will probably end up having strep and needing antibiotics. Then I will be mad at myself and the Hoos will give my grief for not getting her on the antibiotics sooner.


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