Friday, May 28, 2010

Right About Now

Last night as I was helping LP into bed, I relayed the story of her arrival.

"Four years ago tonight, Daddy and I were wondering if we would get to meet our new baby tomorrow. We were so excited to meet the little person growing inside my belly.

The next morning, I knew that you were ready to come out.

Daddy and I went to the hospital and the doctor told us, 'Today, you are going to be parents!'

And Grandma and Papa came and Saba and Safta called on the telephone a lot to check and see if you had arrived yet. And I watched the Yankee game from the bed while we all waited for you.

And then at 6:24, out you came! The doctor put you on my belly and said 'It's a girl!' and Daddy and I cried. "

Four years ago today I became a mom. And today my big girl is old enough to ask for and understand the story of her arrival (in general terms, although I am betting Little Miss Precocious would actually want to hear the gory details).

I love you LP. Happy Birthday.


Robyn said...

How sweet! Happy Birthday LP!!!

Wenderina said...

No wonder you've been so reflective this week. Happy Birthday LP...Happy 4 year anniversary of becoming a Mom Amybow.

A's Mom said...

It's hard to believe that 4 years have gone by so fast already. Happy Birthday LP!