Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Lot to Learn

Work has been a bit hectic lately. I am working with a VP on a major project on the branding and positioning of our organization. As a result, I have been thinking lately about my personal mission, vision and values.
  • Mission: Why I exist
  • Vision: What I hope to achieve
  • Values: The principles I live by that help me live out my mission and achieve my vision

This is really, really hard.

So, instead of always writing about the girls, I thought I would try to start outlining some of my thoughts as they come to me. I figure in the long run this will be good for all of us. And I hope, some day when they are all grown up, they will look at some of this as valuable information.

  1. Learn something from everyone you encounter.
    This is really important to me. I think looking at every person in your life as a learning opportunity establishes a.) basic respect for others; b.) hubris - you don't know everything; and c.) every second is a learning opportunity, don't waste it.

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