Monday, May 17, 2010


AK has been chanting my name all morning. Starting at 5 am. A full two to two and a half hours BEFORE when she usually wakes up. Around 5:45 I went into her room and she was bright eyed and bushy-tailed. Happy as all get out. AND WIDE AWAKE.

Something is afoot.

First, Friday night we were out late for dinner at my in-laws. We got home at 9:30, well past their bedtime, but both girls were awake. I think I managed to get them both to go to sleep by 10.

But they woke up before 7.

Saturday we spent the entire day outside. Going from soccer (where LP scored her first REAL goal!) to a farmer's market to a plant sale to working in the garden outside to the beach (the drive was a failed attempt to get them to take a nap). The only ones who wanted to pass out were the Hoos and me!

Yesterday we drove to my parents on LI and both girls were awake the entire drive down, chatting away.

On the way home LP sang "Spanish" songs (basically her making up words and sounds to the tune of Old MacDonald and telling us it was Spanish) until she finally fell asleep. Alas, AK picked up where she left off, never falling asleep or stopping her loud chatter.

Good thing we had a nice weekend and they are both crazy cute. I am going to focus on the highlights of the weekend instead of the lowlights of this morning.

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