Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Listen Up!

Day care has taught the girls lots of great things, i.e., how to play nicely with others, how many parts an ant has, and how to eat the main part of your lunch before delving into the sides and snacks.

It has also taught some not-so-great concepts.

Of course, the positives far outweigh the negatives. LP and AK were going to bite or push or kick out of frustration if they were in day care or not. Of course, this means that they may or may not be acting out/on/with others in a forum where they can embarrass me and call into question my parenting, but, again, not a consequence of day care as much a consequence of being human.

However, a major pet peeve of mine is a teaching tool used in day care: Listening Ears. I HATE the idea of "listening ears." Taught alongside "gentle touches," "walking feet," and "inside voices" it is meant to be an adjective, describing how ears are supposed to work.

Unfortunately, LP and her peers think of "listening ears" as a noun, items that can be broken or lost. At least once a week I get a note about how LP was not "using her listening ears today," which is incredibly frustrating for many reasons.

I am constantly reminding LP, "You have EARS. They should be listening to what your parents or teachers or friends say ALL the time."


The good news is, AK has not yet been introduced to listening ears. This doesn't mean that she always listens, but it does mean that there is still hope that one of my children will be obedient. HAHAHAHAHA!

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