Monday, April 12, 2010

Three Months...and Poof!

You may have noticed that I have not been blogging about the pediatrician lately. Is it because I was tired of blogging about it? NO! it was because my girls have been relatively healthy! In part because of the nicer weather and in large part due to AK's nightly regimen of Claritin, things were on an upswing. Until yesterday.

Yesterday LP woke up barking like a seal. And while running errands I noticed that AK seemed pretty warm. Fortunately we were near a Harmon discount drug store and I ran in and grabbed some children's Motrin. She took it no problem and was in great spirits, so we continued on with the rest of our errands and grabbed some lunch at Bertucci's. Both girls ate well, laughed, and generally goofed around, you would never know anything was wrong.

Regardless, on the way home we figured we would drop in at the pediatrician to be safe and since fevers are so rare in our house. In truth the Hoos and I both knew the diagnosis. AK has an ear infection.

Last night before bed she got her antibiotic and a dose of Motrin. When I went to bed around 10, she still felt really hot. However, she was sleeping. Rather than wake her up to dose her up, we decided to let her try to sleep it off. At 12 she needed some comforting. At 2 she needed more Motrin. At 5 she needed comforting. At 5:30 the Hoos gave her Tylenol. At 5:35 I gave her comforting. And now, at 10, she is still sleeping. Poor baby.

I don't miss these freaking ear infections! We are going back to the ENT to do her recheck in a couple of weeks. Not that I am pushing tubes, but those three months without a doctor visit were awesome. I would like to make it 6 months next time!

(For the record, LP is just fine, they listened to her lungs and they sounded fine and she hadn't really barked since waking up. She barked again this am, so we are keeping an eye on it).

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A's Mom said...

Another one?! I know it's just me, but I would consider tubes. LMA hasn't had one since last July. As a matter of fact, one of them has already fallen out. Hope she feels better soon.