Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ideal Mother's Day?

The other day my friend Dana sent me this fabulous blog post about the search for good jeans. It is actually hysterical and quite informative. Go read it. I will wait.

After reading it, I determined that what I really needed was a girls trip to the outlets. And by "girls" I do not mean me and my daughters. Nor do I mean my and my boobs (although they are part of the package). I mean me and my friends. The people who will tell me if my jeans not only give me long butt but also muffin top and fat legs.

The easy part? Convincing the ladies a shopping adventure is needed. The hard part? Scheduling said trip.

So, I got to thinking...Mother's Day is coming up. What do most moms want on the holiday celebrating our awesomeness? Nothing. Seriously. What I really want is NOT TO HAVE TO PLAN THE DAY. I don't want to have to answer questions about where I want to go, what I want, what I want to do. I want to not have to think.

Or, alternatively, just have the Hoos take the kids for the day and have a guilt free day to myself.

With the kids in day care, weekends are about family time. Going to a playground, or activity, or even running errands. Together.

Would taking Mother's Day for myself and going shopping with my lady friends make me a bad mom? Never mind that I wouldn't be celebrating my mom (sorry mom, you know I love you and I know you understand shopping) but I wouldn't be letting my kids celebrate me. Or would I?

What say you ladies? Are you in?


Anonymous said...

I'm in (Dana's husband).

Anonymous said...

Gene just said, "You can go" (after I read your blog to him). He then said, "if it is an ideal Mother's Day for you - go. If it is not, please let me know what is so I can plan it!"

Anonymous said...

I agree- sounds like a fabulous Mothers Day. We will be starting the trek home that day.


KiKi said...

Hey! You read my mind. That's my plan for this year! :)

A's Mom said...

I'd be there! My ideal day is getting a massage and hanging out at Starbucks by MYSELF. Or a few close friends would be nice too.