Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pete? Repeat.

It is already the middle of April! How/when did that happen?

How is it possible that in six short weeks my babies will be turning four and two respectively?

I know it is true because LP has entered the "Why?" phase and has to know the reasons behind the universe's well as more mundane things.

For example, last night she was looking in the full length mirror in our upstairs hallway as she brushed her hair and asked, "Aren't I beautiful?" The Hoos and I were amused, and embarrassed, "Well, yes, you are, LP, but you really shouldn't be saying so."

"Why not?"

Well, because it is rude."


" can say 'thank you' if someone else says you are beautiful, you can - and should - think that you are beautiful and say it to yourself, but you shouldn't really say it out loud."


AK, on the other hand, is in the "I do it!" phase. Fortunately for us, she is not quite as persistent as her sister was at her age. She will try something a few times and if she can't seem to get it she will call out, "Need help!" and allow you to lend a hand. As long as you do it on her terms.

For example, putting on her shoes. She only likes to do this while standing up. The only assistance you can provide is helping her maintain her balance as she shoves her foot into the shoe. The only way you can help her balance is by holding her hand. You can only hold her left hand with your right hand while she puts on the right shoe and vice versa for the other shoe.

First of all, isn't is AMAZING how these developmental phases work? My post about LP doing everything herself was almost exactly two years ago.

Second, I am so screwed...

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Wenderina said...

Doesn't it suddenly become obvious why our parents eventually resorted to "Because I said so!" If the why's never stop until you conclude...that's the only way to conclude!