Wednesday, April 28, 2010


As previously suggested in blog posts and photos, LP is not the bravest of children. We have been working hard to encourage her NOT to cover her ears at the sight of a dog. The dog does not even have to bark, her hands just habitually rise on sight. It is ridiculous.

Recently we have noticed dogs while driving home from day care. I point them out to the girls and then watch in the rear view mirror. AK tries to throw herself out of the car. LP covers her ears. And then explains, "I wasn't covering my ears, I was pushing my hair behind my ears," or "I wasn't covering my ears, I was twirling my hair like [my friend] MK." Sigh.

AK on the other hand? FEARLESS. She loves our neighbor's cats. She pretty much stalks it as soon as we get home calling out "OOZZZYYY! BEEEEEEEBEEEEEEEE!" The poor things are terrified of us. LP will actually pet the cat every once in a while, but more typically she pretends that she wants to pet the cat but she doesn't succeed because the cat is uncooperative.

LP won't go near the cat without being close enough to touch me. AK will run across our lawn, leaving me in her dust, to get near the less skittish of the kitties, Ozzy, who is likely laying on her back, paws aloft, waiting to be rubbed. AK will circle the cat, laughing with glee, occasionally reaching out and touching her. The cat gets impatient for some loving and yesterday "high fived" AK in an attempt to motivate her. AK LOVED it, LP loved it. As long as it wasn't her being high-fived.