Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Funny How Time Just Slips Away

For the last month or so I have been flying blind. My watch died.

At first, it was horrible. I never quite knew what time it was and had to rely on others to help me out. This meant lots of extra time spent on the playground because I meant to live before 6 and time slipped away. I know, extra time on the playground sounds awful doesn't it?

I kept meaning to get the battery replaced, but I never seemed to have the watch on me when I was alone and passing a jewelry store.

Yesterday I finally remembered. And, after taking some time to track down my watch which was misplaced in the house, I lumbered over to a local jeweler. $25 later I have not just one working watch, but TWO working watches.

If the last few weeks have taught me anything, it is that I should take a note from AK and chill out.


Robyn said...

My watch has to be sent out for over a week (gasp!) when the battery dies. I can't stand it.

BTW, when did AK get SOOOOO big?!

Anonymous said...

For $25 I could get you a brand new watch! - DS

Wenderina said...

I noticed your watch was back, but I'm still watchless. I keep looking at my wrist realizing it is gone, then I go in search of a clock. Of course the entire time my blackberry is on my belt, but do I think to check that? No. I'm so NOT of the current techno generation. Give me a timex.