Tuesday, April 20, 2010


A few weeks ago the girls and I were at Stew's and they had colored sugar on sale post-Easter. It was orange and yellow and super pretty. I couldn't resist and bought a couple to save for cookie or cupcake decoration.

LP is the girl who never forgets. Last Friday before leaving for day care she reminded me about the sugar and asked if we could make cookies to decorate when she got home. That was the plan, until I got a call that she hadn't behaved and had attempted to kick one of her teachers. Sigh. Very out of character for her, but nevertheless, a punishable offense, so no cookie making fun.

Yesterday she again requested that we bake after I picked her up. I then spent part of my nice, quiet day alone making and rolling cookie dough. I even cut out two trays of cookies so that all the girls would have to do was decorate and we could pop them in the oven.

As it turned out, we brought some friends home from school to help us decorate the cookies. It was very nice to have some extra helping hands (thanks D and J!), especially since AK decorated a single cookie and then proceeded to eat an entire mini cup of sugar (only about 1 teaspoon's worth, but still...).

Once the cookies were cool we added some gel icing as the finishing touch; Shockingly, AK proceeded to mainline the BRIGHT PINK tube into her mouth. The younger kids (LP and her buddy "Bubub") tried to use as much icing as possible on each cookie, and the lone big kid created beautiful pieces of edible art. They all created quite the mess.

By then it was 5:30. So we decided to order dinner (and make penne for the kiddos). It was nice to have guests on a weeknight, sort of made the week seem like it would a day shorter. Except, of course, with the kids being pumped up on sugar and friend-adrenaline, it did make the night time routine a bit longer. What with LP crying that she wanted to have a sleepover and all.

Of course, after the whole rigmarole, the Hoos decided that he doesn't like sugar cookies all that much. Good thing we make them more for the experience than as a dessert (although they are pretty darn good if you ask me).


Wenderina said...

Bring me some of them cookies!

Anonymous said...

They were pretty darn good! Thanks for the impromptu get-together.. and a few good laughs!