Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Since the bizarre, but needed, ousting of the previous director, the girls' day care has been implementing a whole host of new programs and introducing new staff. Last week they started Spanish and music classes and today students from a local school for dental hygiene came in to teach them about taking good care of their pearly whites. According to LP there were "lots and lots of girl dentists."

All of the kids received new toothbrushes and mini tubes of toothpaste. Based on LP's trip to the dentist last month and the way AK runs to the upstairs bathroom when I announce that it is time to brush her teeth, it is not a surprise that my girls loved the "goody bags."

One of the best parts was the exam sheet that we received. AK's student hygienist was apparently very earnest.

If you can't read it, it says:
4 molars are missing, lower canine (left) missing. Good patient.

In different handwriting someone, either the hygienist's teacher or AK's teacher, wrote in a reassuring, "Teeth are still growing in :)"

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