Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Squeaky Clean

I have so much bath related stuff to talk about today.

AK LOVES the bath. So much so that she scares me. While undressing her in the bathroom next to the tub she attempts to throw herself out of your arms and into the warm water. Once in the tub she splashes with so much reckless abandon that I cringe at the thought of taking my hands off of her. Even with the little grass no-slip mat on the bottom of the tub, she manages to squirm everywhere and anywhere in the bath, and even attempts to pull herself up on the faucet.

Last night I stuck her back in the baby bathtub, sitting up. I filled it with enough water that she could splash, but because of how smooshed she is into it there is no way she can flop over. Whew! Unfortunately, I don't think she will tolerate this situation too long. Any one have a bath tub insert or related product they can recommend to keep me from having a heart attack?

My second issues has to do with the shower. For the last month or so the Hoos and I have been using the same shampoo, Herbal Essences None of Your Frizzness. He basically started using mine because he ran out and never asked me to buy him more. I noticed we were running low on my shampoo and bought more on a rare family trip to Target. Yesterday I even put it on the counter in the bathroom, planning to put it in the shower when I next used it.

This morning the shampoo was not on the counter and I thought it was safe to assume it had made its way into the shower. WRONG. When I was ready to lather up my head I found a completely empty bottle. The Hoos had moved the shampoo all right - right back in to the linen closet. In the hallway. Outside the bathroom.

Nothing gets your blood pumping like dripping your way across your home in 15 degree weather to get beauty supplies.


Anonymous said...

What no credit for putting things away!

Anonymous said...

I used to have a little seat thing that I put in the tub when the kids were little. Here is a link to one similar to what I used.



kbna said...

We are also having bath issues. J refuses to SIT in the bathtub. I always have to have my hand holding his arm in case he slips. He still has the blow up tub but recently realized it would be so much fun to climb in and out into the real tub and back into his tub putting his toys in and out... it's insane! I went from loving bathtime to realizing it's a very exausting part of my week... so he doesn't get as many baths as he used to. It's crazy! He refused one of those chairs. I have NO idea what to do. Keep us posted on your bathing experiences.

~ Keri