Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Snowing Miracles

I don't know how the snow managed to do this - both of my daughters are napping AT THE SAME TIME.

I was a little worried, since LP has given up on napping most days, and both girls are worked up thanks to the show showering down outside, but someone must be looking out for moms cooped up with their little ones due to school closings and inclement weather.

AK is napping nicely in her crib. She didn't go down until 1, since she was busy playing with her big sister, but I expect her to sleep for a couple of hours.

It was also amazingly easy to get LP to nap. I just promised her that she could sleep in her tent in the living room. We went upstairs, got her doggy, a nappy, and a small pillow. As she crawled in to the tent I took AK upstairs. She did call out once I reached the top of the stairs, requiring AK and I to do an about face, but all she wanted was for me to cover her with the nappy.

When I checked on LP after putting AK down, she was awake, but quiet. I just walked away and 10 minutes later she was out like a light, with her doggy clutched in her hand.

If every day was like this I might almost consider staying at home with my kids full time.

UPDATE: Guess who woke up first? If you guessed the toddler, who sleeps beautifully through the night and rarely naps, you would be wrong. At 2:45 AK decided she was done napping and called to me from upstairs. I don't know how she survives with so little sleep. She must have been banking it while sleeping away her newborn month.


Tiffany said...

What joy! Mikayla has given up her naps and Lily gave up her afternoon nap so from 11am to bedtime both girls are now up!

Midwest Mommy said...

Both kids asleep at the same time? So jealous :-)

A's Mom said...

It's amazing how some kids do survive on so little sleep. Thankfully, LMA is still taking 2 hour naps... and I have to wake him up most of the time.