Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Big Mouth

If you are a parent, try to think back to when your child was an infant. Recall, if you will, how you desperately awaited his or her first word. Leap ahead two or five or ten years and think about how your child will soon be wielding the power of words against you.

Yesterday, LP's teacher was telling me about how LP didn't flush after peeing on the potty. When Miss Keica asked LP why she didn't flush, LP told her that she was waiting for someone else to pee on top of her pee, "like we do at home."

OMG. Miss Keica told me this and I was mortified.

First of all, I only do this when I have to pee at the same time as LP. Usually I say I have to pee, I walk into the bathroom; LP is right on my heels, telling me she has to pee and that she has to go first. I let her go while telling her not to flush so we don't waste water. And THEN SHE FLUSHES. Ignoring me! And yet, there she goes, sharing this with Miss Keica as if it is a common practice. To add insult to injury our quarterly water usage has doubled since LP was potty trained. Not saying it is just because of her toilet use but still...

Another LP conversation from yesterday:

Scene: LP and AK are laughing, playing and whooping it up in the living room, I am in the kitchen. LP comes running in.

LP: Mommy, I don't feel good.
Me (skeptical): What's wrong?
LP: My ears hurt.
Me (still skeptical): Okay, let me see.
LP kneels down next to me and I pretend to look in her ears and pull on the lobe watching to see if she flinches. Nothing.
Me: What does it feel like?
LP: Umm...it feels like...summer.

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Tiffany said...

We do the if it is yellow let it mellow if it is brown flush it down! Mikayla has to remember though to flush it when we are going potty someplace else!