Thursday, March 5, 2009

Food Chasing

A couple of weeks ago AK started getting into a sitting position by herself. We realized this when we went in to her room while trying to get her to nap and saw her on her knees holding on to the crib rail. Needless to say we immediately lowered the crib.

She has been getting around no problem, mostly by stretching, sitting up, stretching sitting up (repeat) until she has what she wants or scooting backwards. This is very different from LP, a world class roller. LP would roll all over he house - from room to room even. AK started rolling a few weeks earlier than LP, but never really used it as a mode of transportation.

Last night AK really got moving and grooving forward. Shockingly (note sarcasm) it was in an effort to stalk my dinner.

The Hoos was late getting home last night so I was eating my turkey meatloaf and baked sweet potato on the floor of the living room while playing with the girls. LP instantly was upon me, stealing my fork so she could eat my potato "like a grown up"(e.g., WITH A FORK). Never mind that both girls had just eaten.

AK decided she wanted in on the action and so I moved my plate out of her reach. "Out of her reach" is no longer an option, apparently, because she just chased it down and attempted to shovel meatloaf into her mouth with her cute little fingers. Every time I moved my plate, baby girl followed.

I am in for it now.

As an aside, last night I just cut up a Morningstar Chik N Patty and put it on a plate with ketchup and melon and put it in front of LP without saying anything. I am always trying to get her to eat more protein. Amazingly, she just ate it! Didn't refuse it, ask for pasta (her usual dinner of choice), just ate more than half of it. I am going to have to try this strategy more often!

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A's Mom said...

The biggest thing that has worked for LMA and getting him to try foods: "Stick your finger in it. You'll like it." He loves the fact that he gets to stick his finger in it and then when he says he likes it, he eats it with his fork. Works every time... almost.