Thursday, March 12, 2009

What Time Is It?

What time is is?
It's late
No, no, it's early... (anyone out there listen to the Spindoctors back in HS?)


I just got a call from the vice president of my department from a plane in London. He left the U.S. last night at 10:30, flew to the U.K., transferred planes, is flying another 10 hours to Hong Kong and then another 10 to his final destination - Melbourne, Australia.

He is going to Melbourne for a conference that I helped to coordinate. Well, I didn't coordinate the conference, but I did help with a workshop and some association meetings that he is chairing.

He was calling to request that I call in to some of the meetings being held on Saturday (Australia time). According to my handy-dandy time zone chart, he would like me to be on a call Friday evening from 11pm until 1am. And be prepared to speak intelligently.

Dude - I am still catching up from my book club meeting last Saturday. Even with seven uninterrupted hours of sleep last night (10:30-5:30), I am not quite feeling myself. All last week did was alert me to the fact that staying up past midnight is not in my best interest!

And yet...tomorrow night at 11, I will be on the phone. At least I will be in my PJs.

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Lori said...

That song reminds me of camp, actually. All the boys a year above us loved that song, so of course, I had to, too. :)