Thursday, September 6, 2007

Is this a Sign?

I have a meeting this afternoon that requires me to look presentable. In fact, I should probably look somewhat more presentable than usual. Of course, as soon as the universe figures out that I am looking for a good karma day, things start to go wrong.

First, LP started crying this morning approximately 2 minutes after my alarm went off. We typically count on her sleeping until at least 7:30 so that the Hoos has time to shower and get his basic morning routine under way. It is really rare for her to cry at all, so of course I get up and drag myself into her bedroom, locate the pacifiers that have jumped ship and strategically place them near her head i.e., hopefully where she can see them but not me.

Shockingly, this did not work. She sat bolt upright and continued to cry. I am a sucker, I admit it. I pick her up from the crib and carry her over to the glider in her bedroom and sit and rock her. She immediately quiets down but as soon as I try to put her back in her crib all of the success from "mommy soothing" goes out the window. So, I bring her into our bedroom and lay down in the bed with her, hoping that she will curl up and fall asleep next to her daddy. Again, not happening. The Hoos tracks down some Orajel, thinking maybe it is her teeth that are bothering her (she now has about 11 teeth, including three molars with more of those bad boys coming in). She relaxes, but she won't stay still and I need to get in the shower to prep for work.

I return LP to her crib and leave her crying while I go to get ready for work. According to the Hoos she quiets down until I turn off the shower; apparently me turning off the shower is a sign to start laying on the guilt trip. I fight the urge to go to her and go about my business getting ready for work and leave the house tired and only a few minutes later than usual.

I decide to treat myself to a decaf coffee and a bagel for breakfast and stop at a bagel store on my way to the parkway. As I walk out to my car juggling the coffee, bagel and my wallet, I set my car alarm off by inadvertently pressing the panic button on my key chain. This startles me enough that I splash coffee on my boob. Lovely. And it still takes me a few seconds to remember how to turn the alarm off (do I repress the panic button or hit the unlock button?).

Fortunately, I remember that I have a Tide to Go stick in my bag. I have been bombarded with information about how effective it is from VocalPoint, the P&G mom's focus group program and decide to put it to the test. I follow the instructions and start rubbing it on the coffee stain, forgetting that my alarm had drawn the attention of the entire bagel shop which is mostly full of men on their way to work. Let's just say that they were all very happy with the free morning show.

On a positive note, by the time I arrived at work the stain disappeared. I am hopeful that this is the turning point of my day and only good stuff is on the horizon.

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Shari said...

Isn't it funny what a tailspin the little ones throw us into when they wake up off schedule? Mine decided 5:22 am was a good time this morning.