Friday, September 21, 2007

An Ethical Dilemma

LP and I just got back from running errands. Our second stop was at Carter's where I bought long-sleeve white onesies which I found to be indispensable last fall/winter.

Everything went fine until I went to check out. The 4-pack of onesies cost $12. I just happened to have a ten and two ones in my wallet so I decided to pay in cash. I handed it to the older woman that was ringing me up. While I waited for my receipt, I watched her open the register, pretend to put the cash in and pocket my $12! I know it was my cash because I had one of those new pink $10 bills. I accepted the receipt and saw her pocket the cash as I walked away.

I was incredulous. I had no idea what to do. So, I walked out. And I called the Hoos and told him. He said "Well, did you tell someone?". My response, "Yeah, you." My thinking is that this is none of my business. Maybe there were extenuating circumstances that I was unaware of?

What would you do?


Lori said...

I would do the same as you - nothing. It's not your responsibility to tell the store. It's not like she gave you back the wrong change. She probably does have extenuating circumstances, and it won't be long before the store figures out what's going on and who's to blame for it. If it bothers you that much, you could always stop shopping there, but I think that the issue is probably bigger than you and you shouldn't have to shoulder the responsibility for it.

Unless, of course, you have stock in the company or something. And then, I say, start talking!

Wenderina said...

I'd like to believe I would report it. "Be a good citizen". Truth is, I'm afraid of the possibility of becoming embroiled in a lawsuit, or some other conflict. I mean don't we have enough of that stuff we CANNOT avoid in our own lives.

That being said - if it was a really small business I would say something. Years ago my husband was employed by a small business and the manager stole them blind. By the time he was caught (but never prosecuted), they figure he'd taken over $50,000 in small incremental amounts of cash. Business closed short time later.

There are really no victimless crimes.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely make an anonymous phone call to the manager describing the situation and the person involved. This way you are still protected from lawsuits of any kind, yet you are doing your part to correct the wrong doing. And no, it's not too late to still do that.

By just letting things slide, you are passively contributing to the kind of on-goings that push the price of onesies to $12 a pack in the first place.

Shari said...

This did happen to us once. My husband saw the person at the concession stand at the ball game pocket his cash. We're season ticket holders so he was super annoyed because we put a lot of money into the ball park was his reasoning. He got the manager over there and a big stink was made and you know what happened in the end. Nothing... they did nothing. So there you have it. that's what happens when you do say something.