Tuesday, September 4, 2007

A Sock Monkey Works for Me

LP loves animals. She especially loves dogs. In fact, if we are sitting inside and I tell her that I see someone walking a dog outside, she will immediately run to the door and press her face against it trying to catch a glimpse of the pooch.

The Hoos would love to get a dog. Fortunately for me, dogs have one fatal flaw - they poop. Cleaning up baby poop is more than enough for me, and the Hoos is none too fond of the idea of walking around with a bag of dog droppings.

The last pet we had was a Beta fish named Gus who lived a very long and fruitful life. In fact, even after problems with his air bladder which prevented him from getting to the top of the tank, the little guy lived on for almost another year. Before that we had a Beta named Sigmund (for Sigmund the Sea Monster - does anyone else remember him?).

Beyond that, when I met him the Hoos, he had an orange corn snake, Zeus, hidden in the closet in his dorm room. Picture us as sophomores in college, him: "I have a snake." And I still agreed to study with him in said dorm room. Zeus was okay, except I didn't really like when he would lick my neck. Anyway, Zeus was followed by several other reptiles.

When we moved in together the Hoos had Monty, an albino corn snake. Monty is remembered by our families as famously having crawled out of his container on a drive from New England to Virginia and wrapped himself around the Hoos' ankle as he drove. Monty and I survived living together (which included the addition of frozen mice "meals" to my freezer) until we moved back up north. When it took a really long time to find an affordable apartment in spectacular White Plains, NY, I determined that I didn't want to risk being kicked our for harboring a pet and insisted that the snake find a new home. I believe he is happily living with the maintenance guy from the Hoos' old workplace.

We are currently contemplating other pets - most likely fish. Or, I think maybe we should just live vicariously through my brother and his family - they have about ten pets. What say you blog readers? Thumbs up or thumbs down on pets? And if it is a thumbs up, do you want to come over and take care of it?


Lori said...

My mom had a snake in her garage a few months ago, and I was freaking out for her. It's not that I'm afraid of snakes themselves; rather, it's the fear that I might be curled up in bed and one will slither out from another area and that, I think, would scar me for life.

GreenStyleMom said...

My DH wants a dog also. I keep telling him that we already have 2 puppies!

I've actually been considering a beta fish. They are pretty easy, right?

Kate has started asking for a pet (apparently the cat that lives with us and totally ignores her doesn't count). Fortunately we make do with borrowing dogs from neighbors and occasionally taking in a stray catepillar or worm!