Monday, September 17, 2007

Apathy, My Enemy

I am on a break from my Financial Management class and I am struggling to have any enthusiasm for the content and therefore have very little motivation for a grade.

Work no longer pays for my tuition since I don't work full time, so the Hoos and I are baring the $1695 fee (which doesn't include the $130 book, which finally arrived a week into the class). When work paid for the course, I had to get at least a B in order to get 100% of the cost reimbursed. Not that I ever got below an A- (I even got several A+'s, which I didn't even know was possible until I received them). I don't believe there is a minimum GPA requirement to graduate.

The guys sitting to my right are haggling with the professor over decimal points for their grades on the first quiz. I have questions, but I don't care enough to ask them. At this point I am just getting my MBA because I started the 19 course program and am half way through. Hopefully I will be able to skate along for the duration of the program and graduate.

All of the exams and quizzes are take home. I am trying to take enough notes so that I can solve the problems on my own when required; however, I am not really trying to pay enough attention to learn the content. Yes, I am banking on the fact that I will never really have to apply any of the Financial Management concepts to my current job (or ideally any job I will have in the future); so it could potentially hurt me in the long run. But one concept I have picked up in this class has to do with recognizing, minimizing and accepting risk.

For those of you that knew me in high school or college, you might be wondering if someone has stolen my password and written a blog entry under my name. IN fact, I have a hard time recognizing myself as I write this. I assure you this is me. I have just become a person with different priorities. I would much rather be home with LP and the Hoos right now...

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