Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dirty Girl

My housekeeping isn't what it used to be. And even that wasn't much.

Considering LP regularly dumps bags of Cheerios or goldfish on my living room rug and cries at the sound of the vacuum cleaner, I don't vacuum as much as I should. And somehow the unwanted food that she flings off of her high chair tray finds a way of hitting at least three pieces of furniture before landing on the floor. Again, this is very difficult to stay on top of.

Five years ago, I had a conversation with a colleague on this topic that still sticks with me.

She was complaining about her sister-in-law's housekeeping practices and asked me incredulously, "Do you believe that she doesn't wash their shower towels daily? Isn't that disgusting? It must be a cultural thing." Well, her sister-in-law happened to be South American, but obviously the one with the problem was my co-worker. I remember thinking, "Who washes their towels everyday? Who has the time, energy and that much laundry that they can do a load a day?"

Well, I now I have enough laundry that I can do a load a day; except I can't and I don't. First, it wastes way too much electricity and water to run the washing machine and dryer so frequently. Second, WHO HAS THE TIME OR ENERGY TO DO A LOAD OF LAUNDRY A DAY?

Have I just outed myself as a dirty person? Do other people seriously only use their towels for drying off after the shower once? I thought that was a luxury afforded in fancy hotel rooms. And even they are asking people to hang up their towels and consider not getting new linens every day.

Thank goodness the aforementioned colleague no longer works here. I can only imagine what should would say about my cleaning practices! Or maybe with two kids of her own now she has more important things to worry about than lightly used towels.


Shari said...

LOL - I love those conversations that have you questioning everything you know to be right in the Universe. And no... seriously, who has the time to wash their towels every day??? If you were that anal why wouldn't you have enough towels to use a new one every day and just wash a load on the weekend? That seems incredibly stupid and a poor use of time and resources in my book.

Wenderina said...

Okay...um...once a week (or if they smell mildewy) whichever comes first. And I'm ashamed to even discuss sheets...

Luckily I have a "Joy" - my housekeeper - who keeps me clean at least every other week. She just doesn't do windows (or apparently really high up dust/cobwebs)...but no one's perfect.

That Chick Over There said...

Washes the towels EVERY DAY?

The hell!

Anonymous said...

Hum? Washing towels everyday would be nice if all one wanted out of life was to do laundry and roll around in immaculate towels. I don't know anyone who washes them everyday and I don't want to either.

I change mine out regularly if they haven't dried well and become a potential biohazard. But I don't get the daily change out... if you are drying your CLEAN body with them how dirty can they be, for Pete's sake?!!!