Monday, October 25, 2010

Changing Things Up

For about three months now AK has had a boo-boo on her nose. It started out as a scratch and stayed as a scratch. As soon as it would start to heal, the little *&%^@! peanut would pick at it again, reopening the wound.

The whole process physically pained me. I really wanted to just shake the heck out of her or tie her down to make her stop. Of course, it doesn't help to know that when she is a teenager with a scar on her nose she will blame us.

Between the liquid bandage and bandages on her nose, we finally got her to stop prying off the scab - most of the time. I recently discovered that the only time she would still futz with it was between the time I put her to bed and the time she actually fell asleep. For some reason, picking her boo-boo brought her comfort.

The Hoos shared my frustration and last week decided that we needed to do SOMETHING.

He proposed moving her to a bed. Logical, right?

If you recall we moved LP into a bed before she was 2 to make room for AK. Since we don't have the same time constraints, I had already decided that we should keep AK in the crib as long as possible. Mostly because I didn't really want two little girls creeping me out by giving me the evil eye at my bedside in the middle of the night.

And then, on Friday night, I found myself (with LP's "help") dragging the mattress off of the trundle bed in LP's room onto the floor in AK's room. Amazingly, she followed her same bedtime routine as usual and let me leave the room a little before 9.

"Hmm...not too bad," I thought to myself smugly....

Until I was woken up with cries of "Mommy! Mommy!" on Saturday morning at 5:50. On the bright side, she didn't leave her bed until the Hoos went into settle her down.

It was still the weekend so Saturday I gave it another shot. She again went down around 9 and this time I was able to leave while she was still awake, telling her the bedtime white lie, "I'm just going to put on my pajamas." Again, she didn't leave her room or call out after I left.

And Sunday morning was the best morning ever. And way better than LP's second or third morning in a bed.

1. The entire family slept through the night.
2. The first child out of bed was LP at 8:20.
3. LP let her room and pitter-pattered into her sister's room.
4. The next thing we heard was LP asking, "Mommy? Daddy? Can [AK] and I go downstairs by ourselves?" {Could you hear the 'Hell, yes!' at your house?}

This morning was pretty good too. We are going to give it some time and keep the crib in AK's room for a while (and be prepared to put the baby gate up at her bedroom door if need be), but I am mentally rearranging AK's bedroom furniture.

Oh, and speaking of changing, if you don't count the weekends, AK is rocking toilet training. Every day last week she wore the same clothes all day! I think she just likes to pee in her undies when I am around.

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