Friday, October 15, 2010


Yesterday I posed the alternative of me sleeping for an extra 20 minutes and the Hoos getting up first. Then, I would shower in peace while he got the girls up and dressed.

This morning was my reality check on this scenario.

The Hoos had an early meeting so he asked if I would bring the girls to school. In return he would get up first.

At 6:20 (about 20 minutes before my alarm) AK started calling from her crib.

Around 6:55 the Hoos got out of bed and went into AK's room and whispered something. Next thing I know, AK is laying on top of me and the Hoos has slipped out of the room to shower.

So much for an extra 20 minutes of sleep.

When I tried to slip quietly from the bed and make my way into the shower, AK sat upright. And then she ended up joining me in the shower.

So much for showering in peace.

The Hoos did get LP up and dressed, which is really quite the feat, but we all ended up going downstairs together. In fact, I think I ended up going downstairs with AK first and getting everyone breakfast...

So much for option B.

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A's Mom said...

Yea, I proposed this once to my husband as well... went about the same way. Good luck the next time.