Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Elephant in the Room

LP: Mommy, nipples are the same thing as boobies. When you have a baby in your belly, your boobies get milk.

Me: You don't get babies in your belly until after you get married.

LP: How does G-d know when you are married so you get a baby in your belly? Does it have something to do with when a mommy and a daddy smoosh together...

Me, yelling out the door: Honey! We're ready for you!

Later on the Hoos admonished me for putting the thought of smooshing into her head. Never mind that I did it SEVEN MONTHS AGO. Under extreme duress.

Seriously, why do I always get stuck having these conversations. And holding them for their flu shots (that will be this Saturday) or taking them to the dentist. Although, admittedly, taking LP to the dentist is a pleasure. We went this morning and she rocked it. No complaints, no noises, nothing. And at least she can't ask me any questions with the hygienist's hands in her mouth.

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