Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Last night I was on my own with the girls since the Hoos had a work event. After chilling on the playground until 6:15 we headed home for dinner. The girls never made it into the house.

Upon arriving at home, LP looked at the bucket full of seashells she had collected at the beach and directed me to "get paper and glue so that we can do a little project." Returning with paper and playdough (I couldn't find the glue and we have an overabundance of bleh colored playdough thanks to the girls' love of mixing), I told them to yell if they needed me and left the door open as I went inside to take care of things in the kitchen.

LP went in and out of the house a few times, getting paint brushes and water colors and other stuff to maximize the fun. At some point they decided to turn on the hose and wash each other's hands - and tushies (having stripped down after deciding it would be fun to be naked). I checked in frequently and brought vittles out several times to make sure they didn't skip dinner and then refuse to go to bed out of hunger.

As I washed dishes, I started to wonder if I should be outside with them. I wasn't concerned for their well-being - they were safe in the yard - but I felt guilty that I was not participating in their fun. And then I realized - they didn't need me. They had each other.


Wenderina said...

so sweet.

Kristin Nelson said...

How Cute!!! Give those little cuties a big hug and kiss from me!!

A's Mom said...

Isn't that why we had two?? So they could entertain each other?? But maybe next time I will go play too because some day they won't want me to play at all.