Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Settling In

I know it has been a while since I blogged. And to be honest, I think I at least have a pretty decent excuse.

Today is only Tuesday and I am flat out exhausted. All of the mental and emotional distractions that I avoided or ignored or displaced or just didn't seem to have last week - have hit in full force.

My new job is all it promised to be - challenging and stimulating and a big step up in terms of role and responsibility. I think the last time the "first two days" of anything were so busy was when I had LP. Before that maybe when I started college.

I think the transition to full time work is having more of an impacted than I anticipated. Not on the girls really - they are really excited that I am home in the morning to help get them up and ready for school - more on the Hoos and I. Previously, I was the one with flexibility and long-term stability in my work environment. I was the first call day care made if the girls were sick or had an incident or accident and I was able to drop everything and rush to the rescue when needed. For the next few weeks, the Hoos has to take on that responsibility.

And, of course, while they were 100% fine last week when I was home and available, today at 1 - when I was about to call someone to postpone a conference call to jump into an impromptu meeting with an out-of-town visitor, my cell phone rang. LP landed funny when jumping (or falling) off something in the playground. She was complaining about foot pain and insisting on being carried everywhere. There was no swelling and any injury wasn't obvious beyond what she said or did, but her complaints were consistent and persistent.

We worked it out that the Hoos picked her up to take her to the pediatrician around 4. Two and a half hours, an x-ray and an ace bandage later, we are no closer to uncovering the cause of her wincing. Although, for perhaps the first time the Hoos got to spend the afternoon at the doctor's office. With an uncomfortable whiny child. It sucked. Not that I know this because he told me - he took it like a champ and is totally my hero - but because I have been there.

Bedtime wasn't a dream, but again the Hoos bore the brunt. I am totally appreciative of him picking up the slack - and accepting the lackluster dinner I put on the table.

So, while the new job is busy as all get out, I am still happy to have made the move. I got invited to the company's management team meeting next week - not as an agenda item or observer - but as a participant. That is pretty awesome. I know that after the short term adjustment and some minor hiccups and foot injuries we will be back on track. And hopefully I will be back to blogging more frequently.


nallman said...

Frequent blogging is tough with FT employment, kids, house, hoos. Good luck! The faithful will still follow:).

Anonymous said...

Go girl! I know you can do it and you will be terrific at it! Everyone will fall into a routine and you'll look back at it as just another bump in the road! Love ya, GG