Monday, August 9, 2010

Who Loves Ya, Baby?

This past weekend was all about family.

When we weren't sitting in traffic on Saturday we were at my parents house for a family BBQ. My grandparents were visiting from Florida and since we have yet to get the girls on a plane, we take advantage of any trips they make to this neck of the woods. In addition to two other Aunts and an Uncle, my cousin, who recently relocated to NJ from Oregon, was in attendance with his two adorable daughters, Mira and VG. LP loved being the ringleader for the merry troop and AK was infatuated with 5-month old VG. The capper on the day was LP, AK, and Mira taking a shower together. Adorable.

Sunday we were back in CT and spending time with the Hoos' family. His brother's family is in for a few weeks from Budapest and we try to spend as much time with them as possible on their twice yearly visits. We took a short walk in the woods with both of the Hoos' brothers and their families (13 people!) and than spent the afternoon noshing with more cousins, aunts and uncles. Both girls were wound up and loving all of the attention. AK spent at least a half an hour pretending to do ballet and spinning until she made herself dizzy and LP, once again, enjoyed ordering her cousins around (even though these are her OLDER cousins they still let her take advantage of them).

The weekend was definitely full. But in a good way. The Hoos and I know we are both so fortunate to have such a large and loving family. After so much family time, it does make me sad that we don't get to see my brother very often but it also reminds me that the girls know and love their family no matter the distance or time between visits.

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