Tuesday, August 10, 2010


At 5:30 this morning LP was at my bedside, "Mommy? I'm sad."

Really?! Because I'M SLEEPING.

Last week she showed up in the middle of one night THREE times. Each time expressing a different emotion.

"Mommy? I'm sad."

"Mommy? I'm mad."

"Mommy? I'm [something]." (I don't remember what she said, but it was not time appropriate.)

I am not sure if she is learning about feelings at day care or just trying to come up with what she thinks is a good excuse for waking me from my slumber. I wish she would learn that there isn't really a good excuse...

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Billie said...

How about being woken up to spell words? Last time Piero was staying over, he decided to get up early and be quiet by creating a story. Asking me how to spell words rather defeats the purpose doesn't it?

Now that he is 8 and can tell time, I pretty much threaten him with something precious(like say his DVD time) if he wakes me before a certain time. If I didn't he would be waking me up at 6:30am or even earlier. ARGH!