Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cutting Through

As previously mentioned, on Tuesday we got a call from day care that LP had hurt her foot. There wasn't any redness, swelling, or obvious indication of injury. The Hoos left work early and picked her up to be safe. After a long time at the pediatrician the x-rays appeared to come back clear. The radiologist was still going to review (he or she only looks on Tuesdays and Thursdays apparently) but the general sense was that she was just fine.

Well, telling a 4 year old she is just fine and having it be so - two totally different things.

It is Thursday. LP has yet to stand on her foot. We don't know if 1. she is just scared to even try because it did hurt at some point, 2. it does really still hurt and there is something hidden wrong with it, or 3. she is just trying to kill us softly with whining.

Yesterday day care came up with a solution to basically babysit her for the day - sitting her in one spot and keeping her busy with independent activities. For that I am so appreciative (A big change from the response I would have gotten before the great director mutiny).

I love her, I really, really do. And because of that I am really struggling with how to respond. It is getting more difficult to be sympathetic. Of course if there is really something wrong I will feel super guilty for ever doubting her. AND with it being my first week at my new job, I am distracted and exhausted and my patience is spread thin.

ACK! Motherhood! If only Calgon could just take me away.


Robyn said...

How about trying a placebo? Go buy a new vitamin and tell her it is medicine that will make her foot all better. If it doesn't "go away" soon, I would bring her back to the doctor. X-rays only show if there's a problem with the bones, not the ligaments or tendons. Maybe insist on getting an MRI (if she'll stay still through one).

Hope LP is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

That last post had a great idea with the placebo. I wonder if it is an attention grabber with you going back to work full time?

I also have to say the "calgon take me away!" comment was so funny. It is such a generational thing. My sister in law (not that much younger than me) has no idea what that means :) - Kristin

A's Mom said...

I second the Calgon! This week has been a complete disaster from A flushing a partial roll of toilet paper to Z destroying a library book. I am totally blaming on the full moon.