Monday, August 30, 2010

Back in the Game

I don't really want to type this, because that will be a total jinx, but I think life is returning to normal.

LP started walking again - on her own two feet - last night. After an awful four and a half days of doctor's visits, carrots, and sticks, she shuffled her way into Sunny Daes in Westport and enjoyed some mint chocolate chip with rainbow sprinkles in a Yankee hat.

We still don't know if the injury was real, imagined or exaggerated, but the Hoos and I do know that the whole ordeal left us spent. Yesterday I was mentally and physically exhausted when I returned from visiting the pediatrician's office. All I wanted to do was crawl under the covers and cry. And I did. For about 20 seconds. But then I pulled myself up.

Because I am the mom.

And, sometimes, being the mom SUCKS.

Yes, a lot of times it is awesome. Which is good, because the kisses and hugs and learning and teaching moments cause momnesia*. Especially when accompanied by a stiff drink. Too bad I don't drink...

*I think I made this up. Did I make this up? Basically it is amnesia for moms to forget labor pain, whining, and all of the other things that would make us question our sanity when we decided to take the dive into motherhood.

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A's Mom said...

No, I'm pretty sure momnesia is a real thing. I know I have it. Why else did I have a second child?