Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Don't You Just Want to Put Me in Your Pocket?

Recently I received an offer from Kodak Gallery to get 50 free photo business cards. "Perfect!" I thought, "Just the thing to put my contact info on and hand out to my soon-to-be-former-colleagues."

They arrived yesterday and are CUTE. I was a little concerned that it was a bit tacky to be handing out personal calling cards, but the reception has been very positive. I think mostly because I put a picture of the family on one side as opposed to just my mug.

I continue to be overwhelmed by the love I have been receiving from the folks at my current job. Everyone is very supportive and excited for me as I ride off into the sunset. Even my VP.

I was a bit concerned he (the VP) would write me off as soon as he heard I was leaving - but just the opposite has happened. He is trying to use every last second of my time on a big project. The good news is that the project has required that I reach out to internal management and external contacts, giving me a good opportunity to let them know I am leaving the company. My LinkedIn network is growing rapidly - which is fantastic.

Leading me to my second piece of advice (first was to get yourself some free personal business cards - duh!): Get yourself on LinkedIn and keep your profile current. That was how the headhunter found me for my new endeavor and it was also how I was able to keep my relationships current so that I could reach out to folks from my past for references.

My last piece of advice for today - McDonald's frozen mocha and mocha frappe - a yummy alternative to laxatives. Drink with caution - or reckless abandon depending on your needs.


Wenderina said...

Last paragraph was TMI....but I liked the rest of the advice. I added your headhunter as a LinkedIn contact too, JUST IN CASE!

A's Mom said...

I love the idea of contact cards, or more popularly known to SAHM, as Mommy Cards. Put a picture of your kids, add, "Have your Mommy call my mommy for a playdate." and it's perfect!