Thursday, September 2, 2010

It's All a Blur

Here I am!

While I know most of you didn't actively miss me, I would like to think you were at least curious as to my whereabouts.

I haven't really been much of anywhere. Home, work, New Jersey, tomorrow is Rhode Island...

I am learning that as under-utilized as I thought I was at my previous job, I should multiply it by 10. Nowadays, I am pretty much working from 8:15 until 5:15, without time - or more importantly INTEREST - in surfing the web and fooling around.

I am really enjoying the fact that I get to see the girls every morning. AK has taken to waking up right around the time my alarm goes off and joining me in the shower. While I would prefer to shower alone (especially when she points at my nether-regions and asks if I am pooping), it is nice to see her smiling face. I am pretty sure both AK and LP look at "mommy in the morning time" as off-setting "less mommy in the afternoon."

We are kind of, sort of starting to settle into a routine, except that I had to go to NJ for the day on Tuesday and my meeting ran about and hour and a half long and I had to call the Hoos to pick up the girls since I would be cutting it close. So, if you exclude that - and the fact that I am taking a painfully early 7am train to Providence, RI in the morning and worked out sending the girls to my parents for two nights - then we have a routine (she says tongue in cheek).

Next week is a really short week, bordered by Labor Day on Monday and Rosh Hashana on Thursday and Friday. I think a short week is just what the doctor ordered...

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Anonymous said...

We miss you! No more Monday & Friday meetings at the playground at 3pm :-(

Glad you're happy with your new gig though...