Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Post Not About Sleep

Instead of writing what I really want to talk about for fear of jinxing anything (read between the lines here folks), here is a weaning update, with links to how it went the last time around, more as a reference for me than for any of you. I am sure reading about my boobs is not the highlight of any one's day.
  • I am down to only pumping once a day while in the office.
  • AK seems to have no problem drinking the whole milk and it does not appear to have impacted her digestive system in any way.
  • Tuesday through Thursday I only nurse AK before bed and I have not nursed her during the night in a week or so (and for a few nights suffered with her awake for more than an hour as a result).
  • AK would prefer to nurse than drink from a cup or bottle when with me, but we are working on that (and soon she may have no choice). As LP said to me last night when AK was crying and refusing her milk cup, "No! She wants milk from your boobie, Mama."

Even at school, AK does this weird thing where she will drink a few sips from her cup and swallow them just fine and then decide that it is more fun to play with her milk; she sucks it in and than spits it out, letting it flood down her chin. Messy AND annoying! I will soon be doing the same thing I did with LP, forcing her to go cold turkey. If she is thirsty, she will drink. It is not as if she gets all of her nutrition from milk anymore.

Also, we think AK may finally be teething. She was 11 months old on the 1st and still does not have a single tooth. She has been quite cranky. Yesterday morning she was yelling while the Hoos was trying to get her dressed. As he shushed her, LP walked in to the room and said, "Daddy, put her in the [time out] chair until she calms down."

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Lori said...

I am good at reading between the lines but since I am also a very jinx-sensitive person, all I will say is: don't sell your boobs short - updates on them may well be the highlight of someone's day! You never know! :)