Monday, May 11, 2009


Today is Monday. I am at work. This in itself is unusual (but unfortunately necessary). What makes today exceptional is what I did not do.

As I prepared to leave the house this morning, I put my house and car keys in my left jacket pocket, I slung my purse over my right shoulder and then my laptop bag. I grabbed the bag of garbage left by the kitchen door, opened the garage door, disarmed the alarm and left the house.

After putting the trash in the garbage can inside the garage, I got into the driver seat, throwing my laptop bag and purse onto the passenger seat beside me.

Have you spotted the difference yet? I bet not. You would only notice if you have ever seen me walking to my car on a Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon looking like a pack horse. Lugging all of the same stuff PLUS my Medela PumpInStyle!

As of last Thursday, I am no longer a cow. I am D-O-N-E pumping. Not quite done nursing, still doing the last before bed feeding, but a whole heck of a lot closer to having a fully weaned baby.

I realize this is not the most exciting post for any readers out there. But, at essence this blog is a journal to help me chronicle funny stories, significant milestones and my daily existence as a mom.


Tiffany said...

Yea!! I wish I had been able to nurse and pump Lily for as long as you are - but it was not meant to be. Good job for you!!

Anonymous said...

I definitely know what it feels like to be a Sherpa in the am! I will not miss my stylish blue pump bag when the time comes! Congrats!

Stamford Talk said...

Congrats, Amy, on both successfully weaning, and for breastfeeding successfully for so long. It's a lot of work!