Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mommy the Moocher

The weather has been improving everyday here in New England and I must say that I am thrilled to pieces. It stays lighter outside longer and the warm weather means time on the playground for the girls to expend energy and for me to catch up with my friends.

Unfortunately for my friends, three days a week I pick the girls up straight from work. And as much of a planner as I claim to be, I never have snacks in my car. Two other moms - the fabulous DM and Di - always always have snacks. They come prepared. Usually, I am just happy to show up.

LP is not shy about requisitioning favors and food from others. She will actually spend more time at the playground standing on the side rifling through other people snack caches than actually playing. Yesterday she ate an ice pop, half a bag of mini-rice cakes, and tried to make off with some juice. Seriously, she has gotten so brazen as to ask for items she wants but doesn't see. It is embarrassing. Painfully so at times.

This morning I stashed bags of goldfish in car just to have on hand. Of course, it is raining.

In addition to mooching tangible goods off of other folks, we also mooch services. In this case "we" is really "me". And in terms of services, I depend on other folks to help me keep on eye on my kid (and obviously I, like everyone else, try to keep an eye on ALL of the kids). But, since I am usually holding AK , a child not really able to play by herself in the wood-chipped playground, I have to ask for assistance a little more than most. Other parents have to help me get LP on and off of the swings, hold AK while I comfort LP in case of an incident...there is always something that would be much easier for someone with two free hands to accomplish.

Once again, LP has outdone herself in that now the attention of her mom is not enough. She often calls out "Greg! Come see this!" or "Dana! Will you push me on the swing?" despite the fact that I am right there and perfectly capable. The other day after she fell down I swear she ran to Di for comfort before me. And, yesterday she determined that she wanted to go home with Amy. Not me "the other Amy! Chlo-Chlo's mom!"

I guess it really does take a village.


Anonymous said...

Lest you forget the many times you helped LD into the swing while holding AK and I was oblivious and talking to the other moms! We are all happy to help and feed! Feeding people is one of my favorite things. That's what friends are for! We are also teaching our kids a good lesson. Thanks again for the soap :)


Anonymous said...

PS - There are MANY times LD choses DM over me! I am used to it now! I just means that she recognizes that I have a good friend that she is comfortable with too. Thanks DM!

Nicole said...

I think it's so satisfying to be at a place where you can really start forming friendships with the other Mom's and Dad's. The first couple years of Baby #1 were all about adjustment and learning. Now comes a bit of the least socially. God bless the village!