Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lazy Mom Games

LP has become quite excited about playing games. The good news is, games are less messy than "projects." Projects involve glue and glitter and paint and often tears. Games involve imagination,and movement and using up energy so your kids sleep really well.

After an hour and a half on the playground yesterday, it was still only 4:30 when I got home with the girls. Lots of time to enjoy until bedtime. Especially since: 1. LP hadn't taken a nap; and 2. AK had only napped from 11:40-1; and the Hoos had a work event and wouldn't be home until both of my lovely ladies were fast asleep.

Amazingly we didn't turn the TV on once! How did we pass the time?
  • Stripping the girls' beds and changing their sheets. This involved jumping up and down and climbing on the mattresses. 2 energy units expended per child.
  • Eating dinner, including throwing food on the floor. 1 energy unit expended and 1 energy unit gained per child, therefore, a wash.
  • Playing "duck, duck goose". Or some related game where Mommy sat in the middle of the floor and LP circled her yelling out "duck" (or "peanut butter" or "cow" or "chicken") until Mommy reached out and grabbed her yelling out the opposite. This was awesome in that I didn't have to move and LP LOVED it. 4 energy units expended for LP. 2 energy units expended for AK who just kept trying to avoid being stepped on.
  • "Visiting" with Grandma and Papa on Skype. My parents enjoyed watching the craziness in my house and it kept the girls occupied for 15 minutes, even if no energy was expended.
  • Bath time. A good time was had by all, splashing and creating a general mess in the bathroom.
  • Bed time. FINALLY. AK down by 8:05 and LP quiet by 8:40.

After making their lunches, I sat down on the couch before 9 and ate dinner. Another successful day, chilling with two of my favorite people with a minimal amount of tears.

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