Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Laundry Factory

Some places manufacture clothes, others make beauty products, Xavier Roberts makes Cabbage Patch Kids down in Babyland...

My house - we make laundry.

Unless I am actually putting up the laundry while every member of my family is naked (highly, highly unlikely I assure you), there will always be more. Not to mention the fact that I SWEAR it procreates. Clothes that I thought were clean? Nope, dirty! And somehow slinking their way back to the laundry pile.

Exacerbated by the fact that I am THE ONLY ONE in my family of four that actually empties the laundry baskets (one clean, which goes into the drawers; one dirty, which goes into the washer) there is often confusion about what each basket actually includes.

Adding insult to injury, AK has decided that her favorite past time is pulling nicely folded laundry out of the basket and decorating the floor with it. While the 15 second rule doesn't apply to clothing, the five day rule might, at which point no ones remembers what is in need of a bath and what isn't.

I am not really sure when it happened that laundry took such a large role in my life. Was it when I got married? When LP was born?

Regardless, it is pretty clear that laundry would be an accurate addition to Ben Franklin's list of certainties, perhaps even usurping "death" as the first on the list!


Anonymous said...

Laundry is my Nemesis! The never ending battle & it just keeps getting worse! Luckily Josh doesn't mind folding...


Tiffany said...

I feel the same way. My husband said to me the other day - we need to do something about the a laundry there is so much. Well with a family of 4 it happens.

A's Mom said...

Ay, ay sister! Thankfully hubby helps fold as well. And when the ever blessed day happens when you are actually caught up with laundry, you feel so elated!

Wenderina said...

I'm going to tattle on A's Mom here - at one point (not sure she still does this) she actually folded her dirty laundry into her baskets....wonder if she is still doing that? When I asked why - she claimed more fit there. I think it is her self-diagnosed CPD.

As another tattle on a friend tale, I'll tell you about a person I know who actually washes every piece of clothing twice - once inside out, the other right side out. Imagine your laundry quantity with that complication!