Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spilling the Beans

This morning AK woke up at 5:45. The Hoos and I ignored her for a while and eventually he went in and gave her a paci. That worked for a few minutes, but she was still yelling when I got out of bed. I didn't hear her while showering, but that is because the water was loud and not that she was quiet. Finally, after dressing, I scooped her up and brought her downstairs with me.

Poor munchkin had tears streaming down her face and red eyebrows from crying her head off. I am pretty sure she is finally teething.

Figuring I was being smart, I grabbed a blanket and threw it over my shoulder to hopefully keep my work clothes from getting snot trails. AK was having none of it and tossed the blanket away angrily to ensure she had as much skin-to-skin and snot-to-clothes contact as possible.

I lay down on the couch with her on me, watching Sesame Street and trying to get her to relax. I guess I was successful because shortly after 7 she was out like a light. I transitioned her onto the blanket she had tossed away a few minutes before and proceeded to continue getting ready for work. When the Hoos came down after his early and abbreviated morning routine he was not too pleased to see her snoring away. But she was so cute with her little tush up in the air, he smiled anyway.

A bit off my game, I forgot to grab breakfast on the way out of the house, requiring a stop at the bagel store. A little caffeine wouldn't hurt either. Except that it did, when I accidentally poured some on my crotch as I got in to the car. Fortunately I am wearing brown pants, so no stain is obvious, but I am wondering if it might have seeped through my pants and stained my undergarments.

Won't that be something for LP to figure out if she ignore my request for privacy and visits me in the bathroom later today! Oh the questions!

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