Thursday, March 27, 2008

Who Are You People?

I have been blogging for about 15 months now and I am still curious as to who reads this blog and why. I have determined that there are about four categories of visitors.
  1. Those that are related to me. Hi Mom and Dad! In not so shocking news, my family reads my blog everyday. While they would love to see a new post seven days a week (yes, I know that you check the blog several times a day looking for an update), they would be content with a new picture and story of LP. They don't care so much when I babble about non-LP issues.
  2. People that know me personally. It seems as if my most popular entries for these folks tend to be when I do something stupid like put my pants on backwards or say something catty about mutual acquaintances.
  3. Other working parents. I don't know how you all found me, but welcome! I take this to mean that you don't have to have met me to enjoy reading about my many misadventures and opinions; this makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I am probably more fabulous on the blog anyway. It is for you, general parent public, that I write about parent politics, being a working mom, and the joys of pregnancy.
  4. The randoms. These are folks that I figure are looking for something else and up my little ole blog pops. The most common keywords used to find this site are Les Zombies Et Les Loup-Garous. Because a year ago I wrote about the translation. Some of these random folks come back and bless us with their presence, but most of them figure out that I am not for them and quickly scurry away.
Regardless of how you found me, or why you are here, I am certainly glad to have you. I do wish I had something smart and witty and appealing to say to everyone so I could post multiple times a day, but, alas, my life really isn't that exciting. I am guessing most of you have figured that out by now. Anyway, feel free to send me a comment or shoot me an email if there is something you really want to hear me wax poetic about. Otherwise, keep checking in (several times daily if you feel compelled) for updates.


Tiffany said...

I found your from Green Style Mom's blog - at least I think that is how I found you! Just another working mama blogger!! I love your blog and enjoy reading it - espcially about the pants on backward. I have never done that!

That Chick Over There said...

You link to me, so I come to see what is up with you!

KiKi said...

I love you so much I subscribe to your feeds... LP Tales straight to my homepage, woot!

Edie said...

It's fun to see how other people live... makes you (well, me) not feel so crazy! ;)

A's Mom said...

I too love to hear what you have to say that I subscribed! Although I fit into the middle of some of those categories, I'm glad I was "introduced".

P.S. Hope LP is feeling better - I missed last weeks entries.

Smirking Cat said...

I followed the link trail from somewhere, most likely a stepmom blog. *waving* Hello!

Stephanie said...

I can't recall whether I found you from a comment you left on my blog, or whether I hit a link on Wenderina's blog, maybe even Kiki's blog. I'm not sure.

But I definitely think you're smart, witty and appealing. I loooove your stories about LP and I'm looking forward to a whole new twist on things when Bun joins the not-floating-through-life-in-a-warm-little-cocoon bunch. :)