Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jibber Jabber

LP has become a little chatterbox. I would say that about 75% of the time I know what she is saying. She thinks she is saying something understandable 100% of the time. Last night she stood at the back door and repeated the same sentence at least 5 times, each time more insistently and I could not understand even a single word. All I could figure out was that she didn't want to show me something specific since she didn't push me toward anything.

Some highlights:
  1. "AMY!" When "Mommy" doesn't work she yells out my name. I don't think she knows it is my name, I think she believes it means "LISTEN TO ME!"
  2. "Lunch" Any time she wants to eat. She can wake up in the morning, look at me and say it; or she can finish eating and want more and shout it. Also, if you mention that it is time for lunch, she will run over to the dining room, climb up into a chair and being lightly pounding the table and calling for it.
  3. "I sowy" I blogged about this last week, but she definitely thinks it means excuse me. When she dumped Cheerios all over my car and I told her to say she was sorry she started to cry. When the Hoos' feet are in her way she tells them "I sowy."
  4. Food terms are also very popular with her. She has "water," "juice," "berries" and "corn" down, in addition to "Cheeries" for Cheerios and "Cakes" and a host of other edible items. I think "cuppy" for cup also falls into this category.
  5. Body parts. LP can say just about every body part and identify all of them on her own or someone else's body. Daddy doesn't like her pointing to his "Boobies" or "Butt" much, although she does typically say "tush" for her rear and I swear she knows that "keppe" is Yiddish for head.
  6. Speaking of other languages, prefers to count in Spanish. And yesterday during "Spanish class" she had everyone cracking up as she very loudly exclaimed "HOLA! ESTA!" for como esta.
  7. "Nappies" are blankets and "Baby" and "Moo" are her baby doll and cow. If you ask what Baby's name is she says "Niy" or something that sounds like it. Actually, if you ask her the name of anything she will tell you "Niy". I don't know if that is how she says name or if she just likes it.
  8. Her friends. LP talks about all of her school friends at home. And she has already given them nicknames! "Buvy" and "Kate" are abbreviations of the names of two of her little buddies.
The list could go on and on. But, really, the best part is actually hearing her say these things. She really is a little muffin.


KiKi said...


Hahahahha - I can totally see her calling your name with her hands on hips. LMAO.

Niy - hmmm, you're looking for baby names, n'est pas?

A's Mom said...

Too cute. Wait til she starts putting 2 words together. That should be a hoot!