Monday, March 17, 2008

A Tea Party

LP is supposed to be napping. For the last 25 minutes I have listened to her having a tea party in her crib. Apparently "Nma" and "Papa" (my parents) are in attendance alone with Baby and Moo.

As adorable as this is, it has me worried for when we attempt to move her into a bed in the next few weeks. I have a feeling that once LP has the ability to roam - even if we somehow can confine her to her bedroom - she will take advantage of it. She will read books, play in the closet, empty her dresser drawers, pretty much do anything except sleep during nap time.

LP is not one of those kids that tuckers herself out and falls asleep wherever she happens to be. When I see kids peacefully resting in their strollers as their parents shop in the mall or walk around the block, I am envious. My daughter would rather push herself to stay awake and go without a nap then risk missing any of the action. She only sleeps in three places - her crib, the car, and her cot at day care. Seriously, she won't even ENTER our bedroom if she wakes up before 8 on a weekend and we want to sleep in. The Hoos and I have resorted to leaving her chilling with Baby and Moo in her crib until one of us can drag ourselves out of bed (usually closer to 8:30).

If she falls asleep in the car, even briefly, she will wake up refreshed and rejuvenated and give us a really hard time about going back to sleep if we try to transport her to her crib to add more time on to the fifteen minutes she snoozed in the car. At day care she is often the last kid standing. She will lay on her cot and read a book well after all of the other kids have dozed off. Poor Mr. George has spent the entire 2-hour nap time rubbing her back in hopes she will fall asleep to no avail.

My hope was to have LP in a bed well before Bun arrives. Not that we have purchased a bed yet (at this rate she will be testing out a twin mattress on the floor of her bedroom). The back up plan is borrowing an extra crib from my brother and sister-in-law for as long as we have to after the new baby arrives in the event that the transition is unsuccessful. I guess if she starts skipping naps she will be so exhausted at bed time she will have no choice but to collapse. Right?


Anonymous said...

I think I'd be getting that borrowed crib up and running. Sounds like LP will be needing her's alittle longer. SO CUTE! SERIOUSLY!

Tiffany said...

When we moved Mikayla to her own bed we never had this issue. Without us saying anything she stays in her own bed until we come and get her up. Well there is one exception, at the base of her bed is her toychest and above that is a magnetic calender. She will go and sit on the toy chest and play with the calender. If not she stays in bed reading her books that are on her nightstand. Lately she has not been taking a nap every day. I still go into her room and read her books and tell her that she needs to have quiet time while mommy goes to her room for a nap. Sometimes she will read books for a little while and then fall asleep and other times she will play quietly in her bed and on her toychest for the hour or so I nurse Lily and I take a nap.

Give it a try with the bed for LP and see what happens. If nothing else you can borrow the crib. I think I lucked out with a good kid when it comes to listening to mom and dad (at least most of the time!)