Friday, March 21, 2008

More Obnoxious than Me!

You know sometimes when you think there couldn't be anyone on the planet more obnoxious than you? Let me re-introduce you to the director of LP's day care center. After all of Wednesday "fever" drama, she ended up being just fine yesterday. The Hoos took her temperature (rectally) before leaving the house and it was 97.6 or some such low number.

When he dropped her off at 8:50 she was in good spirits and ready to play (okay, she cried a little, but neither of her favorite teachers were there yet). Around 2:15 I got a call at work just letting me know LP had an incident. She fell on the playground and scraped her nose, but otherwise she was doing just fine. In fact, she was napping and had been since 1. (The incident happened around 11 and it took them 3 hours to call me, but I am not going to go there).

When I picked LP up around 5:15, Mr. George handed me her daily communication sheet. You know the one that tells me what she ate, when she pooped, how much she slept, etc. Crossed out on the bottom of the sheet was this line "8:55, Left Ear, 96.9". ARE YOU F*ING KIDDING ME? They didn't trust the Hoos when he told her she had no temperature? They had to check? And they waited until he was probably already on the highway to do it so they could REALLY piss him off and call him right back and tell him to get her?

The day care director is not a parent. The fact that she would even think I would send my daughter to school if she was ill is ridiculous. I don't want my baby to suffer or not get the comfort she needs and deserves when she is sick. Really lady, I don't want her near you at all...

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Edie said...

It's me! I came to check out your blog today!! :)

Who leads a daycare and doesn't have kids?!? Strange situation. The good thing is that she is feeling MUCH better now and enjoyed her day.