Tuesday, March 4, 2008

We Have Babies!

Relax, relax, I have not gone into premature labor. Nor have they determined that there is a twin hidden in my uterus (although some days I imagine I must look like I am carrying twins). Rather, one of our fish gave birth last night.

Over the weekend the Hoos bought some Black Mollies to add to our fish tank. Has was very excited as one of the three he purchased was pregnant and Mollies give live birth, as opposed to most fish which lay eggs. He had them when he was growing up and remembers being thrilled to have baby fish.

Last night while I was in class, he and LP were looking in the aquarium when they noticed that the pregnant female had slimmed down considerably. The Hoos was disappointed that he had missed the actual labor and delivery but even more upset that no babies were apparent in the tank. Apparently the other fish view the baby Mollies as food. All of a sudden LP starts yelling out "Baby! Baby!" and pointing at a rock on the bottom of the tank. Sure enough, after some searching, five little guppies have survived and were hiding out. The Hoos and LP are very excited. Hopefully this bodes well for LP's response to a new human baby in the house.

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