Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The One Where I Am an Imbecile

So it is now 2:45 in the afternoon. I just got back from what must have been at least my third trip to the ladies room. And it wasn't until this trip that I realized that MY PANTS WERE ON BACKWARDS.

In my defense, I wear maternity pants. They have belly bands. It is not like the zipper and button were on my back. But I have noticed all day how there was a seam running up my belly. I just tried to write it off as a fact of maternity clothes. But no, I can't blame my black Gap trousers. I am a moron. At least for today.

Wenderina, I am sure you are disappointed that you weren't in the office to laugh at me in person. You probably would have noticed and steered me right!


Anonymous said...

As one who is sharing the maternity clothes experience at present, I can totally understand how that might happen! I mean, there just aren't comfortable clothes, so when something fits uncomfortably you just figure that's the way it's supposed to be. Ha!

Stephanie said...

I'm seriously laughing about this one. But don't beat yourself up... seriously. Just last week I noticed, in the ladies' room, that I had put my underwear on backwards. And another time, I wore a sweater backwards. I think it has something to do with getting up at the crack of dawn and getting dressed in the dark. :)

KiKi said...

I am laughing so hard right now. I can not BELIEVE you didn't show me before you turned them around. Tooooo funny!!!