Friday, July 17, 2009

Picked Me a Good One

The thing about being a parent is that once you become one, there is no going back. There are times when being a mom is the best thing in the world (e.g., when your little munchkins decide that the best way to pass 10 minutes is by kissing and cuddling with you). There are also minutes (e.g., a tantrum), hours (e.g., enduring the screaming while you are waiting for nap time to kick in), even entire days (no description needed) that I would prefer not to be the parent.

Fortunately, more times than not, there is no place and no one else I would rather be. As I type this I am sitting on the deck of the house we are renting in Cape Cod as the Hoos is teaching LP how to swim. She is wearing a life vest and learning how to float on her back and kick. She actually just said to the Hoos, "Thank you for showing me how to do that!"

The week has been full of fun and new developments (AK is a full time walker now!). We are having a wonderful time doing some new things (Coonamesset Farm for pick your own black raspberries, visiting animals and relaxing on the back deck; Heritage Museums and Gardens in Sandwich), some old things (beach; lots of lake; walking in Chatham; the Gray's Beach boardwalk), and had a great time all the while.

Earlier today I asked LP to describe some of her favorite parts of vacation and she immediately responded, "Fishing in the yellow boat with my daddy." Doesn't get better than that.
And, in the two minutes since initially posting this, LP and the Hoos have caught little tiny baby bass and a poliwog. And LP has eagerly held out her hands to hold both!


Wenderina said...

So Wonderful!!

A's Mom said...

I love those little moments. Sounds like a great vaca.