Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can't Stop the Mouth

  • "Mommy, AK doesn't drink out of your boobies anymore. Who drinks out of your boobies now? How do you get the milk into your boobies? Can I see?"
  • "Mommy cows have udders, not boobies!"
  • In response to Daddy asking how she got so beautiful, "From Grandma!" I guess my coaching to respond that it was from Mommy hasn't worked yet.
  • "How come it makes your head hurt when I scream?"
  • "Where are the staples so I can hang my project on the wall?"
  • "Elephants eat pea-NUTS! It sounds like penis, but it isn't."

Lord help me.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Yes I remember SM asking lots of embarassing, had to answer questions about milk production too.

On Sunday JM decided to try big-boy underware for the first time (big step that he even wanted to try!) and he was pulling his pants down & showing everyone! (and I don't mean just family members!)

It is fun to have kids!


A's Mom said...

LMA is even coming up with some good ones as well. Hope you are writing these done as they will become something to "treasure" in the future I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Love the peanuts one!

AmyBow said...

she talks about elephants eating peanuts at least once a day. she always has an evil glint in her eye when she says it, like she is testing us!