Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anywhere But Here

As featured in my previous post, we had a great weekend.
  • Friday in the yard was a worthwhile endeavor;
  • Saturday with friends was a great way to pass the day;
  • Sunday at the Yankee game with my dad was great (highly recommend taking MetroNorth to and from the game if you are from Westchester or Fairfield);
  • Monday afternoon at the beach with the girls was a bit hectic, but nevertheless a good time.
  • Monday night because the girls took baths as soon as we returned from the beach, we still had plenty of time for a family walk after dinner! Great way to wrap up the "weekend"

Today I am back in the office. And crazy busy.

My company is in the process of being acquired by another firm. My future is up in the air, but, because I work in communications, my job is to placate the masses of technical staff and reassure them that things will work out and answers will be forthcoming. Very frustrating for people to think that you have answers and are holding back, when, really, no one has answers and, in reality, as corporate staff, my job and the job of my co-workers are the ones most likely to be viewed as redundant.

I will have conversations with lots of interesting people, but doubtful that any will top this one with LP from the other night.

"Mommy, do deers drink milk? From their mommy's bellies when they are babies? Like when I went to the fish store [pet store] with daddy and the mommy titmouse [gerbil] was feeding the baby titmouses? And cleaning their tushies? Not like you clean my tushie! You don't lick my butt! You don't lick AK's butt! You don't lick Daddy's butt! You don't like your own butt!"


Wenderina said...

LP always keeps it real.

Anonymous said...

A priceless, hilarious conversation!

Aunt Barbara

Anonymous said...

That is really a classic!! Good luck with the work thing. My company has been going through the same thing. VERY stressful! - DS